ISUMU Nyoirin Kannon Standard Buddha Statue japan 3kg

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Nyoirin Kannon


Miraculous shaping beauty in the heavenly world
The highest peak of esoteric art


The savior of the heavenly path with innocence and treasure
Luo Huazhou that can fulfill wishes at will and Ruishin raccoon that picks up the treasure that means the teaching of Buddhism. In Japan, there are many forms of six-sided appearance, representative of the unique shaping beauty of the basting statue. It is a god of Hokkaido that saves sentient beings of heaven. It is a Kannon who gives wisdom and blessings, breaking down tranquility with treasure.

Isumu commitment molding
The model is a national treasure "Wisdom Raccoon". As a wish for the illness of Emperor Saga wishing for the healing of the Emperor 's prince' s prince, the statue made by the empress of the prince 's daughter, the technique of the Buddhist with the best skill at the time was poured in, the uniquely mystique and sensuality is attractive . Because it has long been considered a secret Buddha, beautiful colors and patterns are almost left behind at the time of the image.
In Isumu, I am sticking to the expression of soft and rich flesh and coloring and I am making it. On the pedestal lotus petals (lotus flower petals), reproduced the gorgeousness of the real thing by superimposing light patterns on the pattern. We carefully painted a precise coloring to the back side of the back of light and carefully finished handmade a unitary body to fully demonstrate outstanding presence.


Product content: Body (single pedestal)
Production area: Made in China
Material: Polystone